What Is the Job Description of a Bellboy?

job-description-bellboy Credit: Stewart Cohen/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A bellboy, often called a porter or bellhop, is responsible for making a good first impression on hotel guests, moving luggage, showing guests to their rooms and acting as a concierge. Bellboys must be friendly, responsible and have superior customer service skills.

Bellhops are one of the main points of contact for guests, and they tend to needs such as mailing letters, running errands, bringing food to guests' rooms and providing information about local area attractions. When not helping guests, bellhops may assist in keeping the hotel lobby area neat and clean. This may include picking up or emptying trash, shining fixtures and cleaning glass.

In large facilities, bellhops usually report to the bell captain. Bell captains give the hops their assignments, train them, record hours for payroll and handle complaints.

Most employers require that bellhops have at least a high school education. As an introduction to the job, bellhops spend a month or so training and learning the responsibilities of the position. Bellhops in larger hotels have often worked their way up from smaller establishments.

The median wage for a bellhop is about $8.69 per hour. In addition to their hourly wage, bellhops make tips from guests as they perform various duties.