What Is the Job Description of an Auto Mechanic?


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An auto mechanic uses computer equipment to diagnose mechanical issues, runs tests to make sure auto parts and components are working correctly, completes car maintenance and basic care, takes apart and puts together components, and switches out or repairs worn parts. Mechanics must be familiar with modern mechanical and electronic systems.

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Several specialties are available for auto mechanics and include air conditioning repair, front end mechanics, brake repair, drivability, and transmission technicians and rebuilders. Some auto shops have several speciality mechanics on staff. Hoists, lathes and welding torches are some common tools for auto mechanics.

Ideally, a mechanic is aware of the most current procedures and government regulations in order for the work he does to be legally compliant. For instance, air conditioning technicians must be aware of how to dispose, recycle and handle refrigerants properly.

Auto mechanics are often employed at gas stations, government facilities, automotive repair and maintenance shops, and automotive dealerships, but it's not unusual for a mechanic to be self-employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that auto mechanics are at higher risk of experiencing injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Such injuries include sprains, bruises and cuts. However, a mechanic can lower his chances of an injury by following the proper safety practices and precautions.

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