What Is the Job Description of an Accounts Receivable Position?

What Is the Job Description of an Accounts Receivable Position?

An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for tracking receipts to ensure that an organization is being paid accordingly. This task includes verifying payment, posting payment, and resolving any discrepancies between debits and credits.

The accounts receivable person tracks the payments and revenue of a company. This involves using data entry skills and financial software (such as CMS, Excel or Word) to record customer payments, deposits and other receivables in the form of cash, check or credit card transactions. For this reason, organizational skills and attention to detail are of the utmost importance for this position.

This position also involves managing collections from customers by evaluating payment plans, payment history and, if need be, contacting a company's collections department to receive payment. Overseeing customer accounts and maintaining working relationships between a company and its clients are essential tasks for an accounts receivable clerk.

An accounts receivable clerk often is responsible for generating a daily bank deposit. Many companies also require their accounts receivable clerks to generate monthly or yearly financial reports to track all accounts receivable. This includes totaling all revenue and unpaid receivables and constantly keeping financial records up to date. For this reason, basic math skills, proficiency with a calculator and familiarity with spreadsheets are all requirements for this position.

Additionally, an accounts receivable clerk needs to thoroughly investigate any account discrepancies by obtaining information from various outlets such as different departments, customers and sales.