What Is the Job Description for an Accounts Receivable Clerk?


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While the job description for an accounts receivable clerk may vary depending on the company, typically it focuses on the tracking and management of revenue and incoming payments, often through reviewing invoices and entering details into the appropriate spreadsheets or accounting programs. The job may also include working with clients to review billing matters and ensuring the company receives all pending payments.

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An accounts receivable clerk works primarily with money coming into a company, typically through either sales income or client payments. The specific actions and processes for the job depend on the nature of the company, as the business model and revenue structure directly affects how the clerk tracks the funds and verifies their accuracy. Many accounts receivable clerk job descriptions outline these tactics, such as checking bank deposit statements against invoices to ensure that bill payments are accurate or checking physical cash stores from registers against sales receipts.

The clerk is also responsible for investigating any discrepancies and resolving the matter by, for example, refunding clients for an overpayment. The clerk may also need to manage new payments coming into the company, depositing the money and creating the appropriate entries according to the accounting system. The roles often involve working with computers to review financial information, access bank accounts and communicate with clients, vendors or other departments.

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