How Do You Get a Job in a Colorado Marijuana Dispensary?


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Aspiring marijuana dispensers in Colorado must first obtain a license to work at dispensaries from Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. Dispensaries are also more likely to hire workers who possess retail, customer service, growing or trimming experience.

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There are a number of requirements to obtain an occupational license for marijuana dispensing. Dispensary workers must be Colorado residents, over 21 years of age, with no felony drug convictions and no recent non-drug felony convictions. There are also a number of circumstances that automatically disqualify an individual from obtaining an occupational license. Physicians who make medical marijuana referrals, individuals who work for or are related to someone who works for the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, state or local law enforcement officials and prosecutors are all prohibited from obtaining an occupational license.

Counter workers at dispensaries often possess retail or sales experience, and they must also have in-depth knowledge of the product. Pharmaceutical, horticultural and agricultural experience are all applicable to dispensary work. Workers must have substantial knowledge of different strains of marijuana and their effects, as well as the stringent industry regulations. Far beyond a typical retail or service job, a dispensary worker must have full knowledge of the legal constraints that dispensaries face. Growers must also have substantial experience and be able to offer crops that produce a significant yield.

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