How Do You Get a Job As a Celebrity Personal Assistant?


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Paths to a job as a celebrity personal assistant include working in an assistant capacity at corporations, talent agencies or public relations firms or for professionals attached to the entertainment industry. Networking within entertainment industry circles is another way to find potential job leads.

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An individual looking to work as a celebrity personal assistant can prepare for the position by gaining experience working as an administrative or executive assistant in a business environment. Particularly helpful is experience assisting a top-level business executive, which is a similarly demanding job.

Another route to take is to get a job working for a company that has close ties with the entertainment industry. For instance, talent agencies and public relations firms often have celebrity clients. Someone who works for an accountant or a lawyer to a celebrity may find it easier to jump into the role of celebrity assistant due to close access.

Scour the classified ad section of major city newspapers for either administrative assistant or executive assistant positions. Some of these advertised jobs may be for celebrities. Sign up with top employment agencies that may be hired to fill personal assistant openings. Networking among people working for and around celebrities is a good way to get a referral for a celebrity assistant position.

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