How Do You Get Your Job Back After an Unfair Firing?

How Do You Get Your Job Back After an Unfair Firing?

To regain your job back after an unfair termination, you need to first gather enough evidence to support your claims against your employer. If you have enough evidence, you should contact your union representative, submit a complaint to the human resource department and hire an attorney specializing in cases of unfair dismissal.

  1. Gather the reasons for wrongful dismissal

    Research reasons for unfair termination and check if your case qualifies. Compare your case with similar previous cases involving unfair termination. Collect enough evidence to support your case. Make copies of necessary papers and documents for submitting to the attorney or former employer.

  2. Contact your union representative

    If you are a member of the workers’ union, contact your representatives and discuss the case with them. The union can take up your case if there are grounds supporting you. Supply them with all necessary documentation and evidence that supports your claims. After contacting the union representatives, submit your documents supporting your termination case to the human resource department.

  3. Seek legal advice

    Consult an attorney specialized in cases of wrongful dismissal. Supply all documents during consultation to help the attorney determine whether your case qualifies. The legal advice and assistance from an attorney is crucial for winning the case. The attorney can sue your employer to cater for attorney fees if the case is strong.