How to You Get Your Job Back After Being Fired?


The best chance of being re-hired after being fired exists for those employees who were released through no fault of their own, such as mass layoffs. Getting re-hired after being dismissed for a behavioral or performance issue, however, is a much bigger challenge because most companies give employees adequate opportunity to improve those issues that are putting their employment status into question. Employees who can demonstrate mastery of their field or maturity since leaving a job also increase their chances of being re-hired. Time and space also sometimes works in favor of those who were dismissed involuntarily.

Not only do employers frequently welcome back employees they had to lay off due to difficult economic times for the company or during some sort of transition or reorganization, it is a trend on the rise as the economy continues to improve. Employers understand that employees released in connection with mass layoffs is not related to employee performance. An overwhelming majority of employers have policies that do not allow the re-hire of employees who were dismissed for failure to follow policy or meet performance expectations. Chances are better of being re-hired into smaller organizations in which the hiring process is not as rigid as in larger corporations. Chances also increase if a significant amount of time has passed or there have been changes in management since an individual was hired. Individuals who are fortunate enough to be re-considered should be prepared to discuss and illustrate how they have matured, including the steps they've taken to overcome their shortcomings, and provide examples for why they should be re-hired based on knowledge and skillset.