How Do You Get a Job at an Assisted Living Home?

To get a job at an assisted living home, look for job openings on job sites such as, and lists jobs at assisted living facilities for personal care attendants, nurses, administrators, aides, care coordinators and others, notes the website.

To search for jobs in assisted living facilities on, enter the term "assisted living" in the search tool on the website, and then enter a location in the tool's Location field. Click the Search button to begin the search. View the jobs available, and click on a job of interest to read job requirements. Click the Apply button to begin the application process or follow directions from the employer in the individual job ad, advises

To view assisted living jobs on, use the search tool to search for jobs by keyword and location. Click on the individual job ad to apply for the job. Create a job alert with to get email notifications whenever assisted living jobs are posted by employers.

To use to look for assisted living jobs, navigate to the site and enter "assisted living" in the What section of the search tool on the home page. Enter a location in the Where section and click on Find Jobs. View the jobs and apply for those that are of interest.