How Do You Get a Job in Another State?


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When beginning a job search in another state, seek out networking opportunities in the new city. A strong cover letter should include an explanation for the move to the new state. A note about relocation plans can also be put on the resume underneath the current contact information.

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An in-depth plan of action for an out-of-state career change involves researching and identifying state industry associations that provide career networking opportunities. These associations may have valuable information about upcoming networking events that are open to attendance by nonmembers. An existing network of family and friends is a valuable resource that can be tapped into for out-of-state contacts. Personal contacts can provide names and numbers of key individuals living in the new location.

When preparing a new cover letter for an out-of-state job search, it is particularly important to give employers a reason to take notice. Any specialized job skills that are scarce in the target city should be emphasized.

An intriguing cover letter should use bold, decisive language to grab attention. Another tactic is to play up the advantage of skills gained from working in the current location. Landing a job interview in another state requires pluck and determination to sell oneself as a valuable asset to employers.

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