How Do Job Agencies Work?


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Also called staffing agencies, job agencies work by matching qualified job applicants with open positions as needed by their clients. Companies employ the services of job agencies to match them with the right job candidates for a wide range of their personnel needs.

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When a vacancy arises, the company provides the job agency with a list of requirements as well as a job interview for each of the positions that are vacant. Job agencies mostly keep their own internal database of applicants and resumes for existing and future opportunities. To identify qualified candidates, a job agency begins by first going through its database and screening candidates from the existing list. In some cases, it also posts open positions on various online job boards as well as industry websites to attract more candidates. The primary goal of a job agency is to match employers with suitable candidates. To achieve this, they arrange for interviews with the potential job candidates. The agency takes the responsibility of remaining the point of contact between candidates and the client company. Because both the candidate and the client play a vital role in the success of the agency, a long-lasting trust relationship should exist, and must be maintained at all times. Before a person decides to work with a job agency, he should find out what services to expect and what is expected of him as well. Most importantly, he should inquire whether the service is likely to cost him anything.

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