How Do You Find a Job After Being in the Military?

How Do You Find a Job After Being in the Military?

To find a job after being in the military, translate past skills to fit civilian jobs, quantify achievements, take advantage of present opportunities and focus on soft skills. Some companies have well-developed military recruitment programs.

The first step is to translate military jobs into civilian roles. Military jobs such as medics, engineers and mechanics are easy to translate while some are more difficult. There are resources available to help veterans translate their military occupation classification into related civilian occupations. It is equally important to identify military knowledge, skills, work styles and interests that relate to civilian jobs. Retraining and furthering education are good ways to close a skills gap after leaving the military.

Next, create a resume quantifying achievements. This is a good way to show how your military skills can affect the company’s bottom line. Listing specific accomplishments such as work done to increase response time can help to improve the chances getting hired.

Veterans already have federal security clearance which is attractive to employers, especially in defense-related projects. Getting this type of clearance costs companies time and money so including this information in a resume may increase the chances of getting hired for government or government-contracted jobs. Other advantages to add to a resume include eligibility for government-sponsored relocation when applying for out-of-state jobs.

Lastly, focus on soft skills that may be difficult to find in civilian life. These include leaderships skills, disciplined approach to work, respect and integrity and ability to work as a team.