How Do You Get a Job When You Are 55 or Older?


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To get a job when you are 55 or older, update your resume and highlight relatively timeless skills, such as accountability, trustworthiness, and communication. Being older also puts you in a position to highlight which of your technical or vocational skills are best suited for this job and to highlight those traits.

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During a cover letter or interview, express to the hiring manager that you are striving to achieve a better work and life balance than you had before. Doing so can actually reassure hiring managers who might dismiss your application for fear that the job would bore you or that you would be uncomfortable not moving quickly up the corporate ladder.

Take steps to contact an employer directly, and network to discover new opportunities and to make new allies in the job hunt. You may also use local organizations within the civic or religious community to help you discover possible job leads.

Another possibility is to volunteer your time for an organization for which you'd like to eventually work in the hopes of being recognized and hired. Such work is also stimulating for the mind and body, and it can be beneficial even if it does not lead directly to a job.

An interesting possibility for some is to become a full-time temporary worker, which allows you to work on a variety of project-based tasks and to meet new people under the guidance of the temporary work agency.

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