What Are Some Items on a Truck Driver Pre-Trip Inspection Form?


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Truck pre-trip inspection forms require drivers to ensure that oil and coolant levels are adequate and that the engine is in good repair. Drivers must inspect each part of the engine, including the belts, hoses, fans and wiring. The forms also include items such as windshield wiper fluid levels and tire checks. Inspection forms require that all tires on a truck be properly inflated and in safe condition.

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Pre-trip inspection forms take every part of a truck into account, ensuring that the vehicle meets safety standards. Truck drivers must ensure that no part of the engine is cracked or leaking. The forms require that drivers observe the truck's axles to check for damage or uneven wear. A driver must also ensure that their truck's shock absorbers and joints are in safe condition.

After a thorough inspection of the engine, a trucker uses the pre-trip inspection form to check the rest of their vehicle. This inspection includes inspections of the trailer suspension, fifth-wheel connection, air lines and electrical cord connections. Drivers must ensure that the brake pads are not excessively worn and that brakes are properly adjusted. A pre-trip inspection form requires a trucker to note any damage to the body of the vehicle.

With the truck's hood open, a driver starts the engine and uses the inspection form to check that the vehicle has adequate oil pressure and electrical power. Inspection forms require drivers to ensure that all of their trucks' lights and flashers are in working order. They also require a driver to perform a visual check of the running engine to ensure that there are no leaks and that belts and hoses are functioning properly. After performing a successful test drive of the truck, a driver completes the inspection form and may begin driving.

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