What Are Some Items on a Tax Checklist for Individuals?


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Items on a tax checklist for individuals include pertinent personal data; information about income; relevant adjustments to income; itemized deductions and credits; and taxes deducted from wages, according to TurboTax. Other items aside from this can include domestic and foreign bank account information and estimated taxes paid.

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Personal information includes the legal name of the tax filer, the names of his spouse and dependents, his Social Security number and date of birth, explains TurboTax. Income information includes the wages as stated on the W-2 form, income from state and local tax refunds, alimony payments, investment income and business or farming income. This category also includes other items if applicable such as Social Security benefits, rental property income and income from sales of property. Items on adjustments to the income include educator expenses, IRA contributions, student loan interest, medical savings account contributions and paid alimony.

Keeping close track of taxes paid can help a taxpayer avoid overpaying on the current return, states TurboTax. Items in this category include real estate and property taxes and state and local income taxes. The category of itemized deductions and credits on the checklist includes child care, education and adoption costs; charitable donations; casualty and theft losses; advanced child credit tax payment; and home mortgage interest and points.

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