What Are Some Items Sold Door to Door?

items-sold-door-door Credit: sturti/E+/Getty Images

Items sold door to door include subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, beauty products, appliances, frozen foods, cleaning supplies, coupon books and sports tickets. They also include services like lawn maintenance, gardening, house cleaning, car valet, home improvement, funerals and telecommunications. Charitable organizations sometimes solicit donations by having representatives go door to door.

Despite the prominence of the Internet, many products and services are still sold door to door in 2014. Salespeople selling at a home must explain that the resident can cancel within three days if they spend more than $25 on the product or service. They must give the resident two copies of a cancellation form, and they must provide a copy of the receipt or contract. After a cancellation, the seller has 10 days to refund the purchase price.

Communities have attempted to ban door-to-door selling, but the Supreme Court rules in 1976 that the 1st Amendment to the Constitution protects such commercial activities. The court stated that sales representatives must tell the truth and must not attempt to sell illegal products or services.

If a sales representative is overly aggressive, the resident should not let them inside the home and should close the door. Police should be called if a sales agent refuses to leave or becomes threatening.