What Items Should You Include in a Letter to a Creditor?


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When writing a letter to a creditor, include details about the debt in question, including your name, the name of the company or credit card issuer, and the account number, says About.com. The contents may also vary based on the type of creditor letter, such as a dispute letter or a goodwill letter.

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If writing a letter to a creditor due to a dispute on your credit report, start the letter with the date, your name and your address, notes About.com. Also include the name of the company and address it to the complaint department. Begin it with basic salutations, and include information about the dispute. This is often mentioning that you received a copy of your credit report and found an item on the report that is an error. Include details about the item so they can track which one it is. Mention the specific problem, such as if the account has already been paid, and that it should not still appear on the credit report. Make it clear what you want, such as having it removed from the credit report. Add copies of documentation to show it has been paid.

A goodwill letter might also be sent to a creditor, which asks for a little time in catching up on missing payments, according to Nerdwallet. In this type of letter, explain the financial situation that led to the missed payments, and propose a new payment plan. Include details about the item in question.

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