What Are Some Items to Purchase for Around $1?

What Are Some Items to Purchase for Around $1?

Items that can be purchased for around $1include jewelry, photos, bus tickets and designer perfumes. The Internet is the best place to find items for under $1.

Internet wholesale retailers are a great source of inexpensive jewelry including pieces costing about a dollar. Online stores such as WineOnion and Norcross sell costume jewelry including wedding bands and earrings for under $1. Amazon is another source for inexpensive jewelry. Set the filters for items offering free shipping and price at $1 for the best result.

Photos can also be purchased for under $1 from online sites such as Shutterfly. Prints can go as low as 15 cents, although you may be required to pay for shipping. Retailers with physical stores may allow customers to order prints online and pick them up at the physical location free of charge to avoid shipping costs.

With a lot of research and patience, it is possible to find a one-way bus ticket for a dollar. Companies such as Megabus offer trips between U.S. cities starting at $1. Planning in advance and being flexible increases the chances of finding low-cost bus tickets.

Lastly, most designer perfumes are available in small sample bottles to entice customers and break into new markets. Auction websites such as eBay.com are great places to find designer perfume samples for under a dollar.