What Are Some Items on an OSHA Safety Checklist?

andrear/E+/Getty Images

The items on an OSHA safety checklist vary by workplace, and are populated based on safety issues that have been encountered in the past, industry standards, company standards and any areas of concern to employees, according to OSHA. They include mandatory inspection of equipment and voluntary, company-held safety inspections.

An OSHA checklist includes a review of company work and safety rules, states OSHA. It lists major equipment, such as cranes, presses and cutting tools, as well as hand and power tools, and includes a log of prior inspections and maintenance. It lists which inspections are required per the industry and which are voluntary. A checklist includes heating and ventilation systems; electricity, including equipment and lighting; the condition of the building and the grounds; shipping, receiving, storage and material-handling areas; and the storage, handling and transportation of chemicals. The checklist includes first-aid supplies, posted emergency phone numbers, evacuation routes and employee accounting procedures following an evacuation. If there are company vehicles, then vehicle maintenance logs, seat belt inspections and driver training logs are included. The checklist addresses the placement and condition of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire exits, as well as smoking rules and waste disposal.

Checklists are available for purchase, but OSHA recommends self-generating a checklist, so that each item has a direct application to the particular business site.