What Are Some Items on a New Hire Checklist Form?

Items on a new hire checklist include key policies and office procedures, performance expectations, how internal and external communication systems work, and where to find people, places and things at the work site. The checklist tracks the provision of information essential for the new employee.

Personnel policies and the employee code of conduct are the types of policy items on a new hire checklist. The form should also cover time reporting, review of benefits, payroll processes, travel policies and the use of company vehicles.

Items regarding the review of day-to-day job responsibilities and the creation of an initial performance plan reflect the provision of information specific to employer expectations. Office procedures checklist items may include how the security system works, how to complete purchase order and expense reimbursement requests, procedures for receiving and sending mail, and the use of identification badges and key cards. A communication and information technology section may address the use of voice mail, security protocols for e-mail, Internet and intranet use and access to shared drives.

A company should use the checklist to verify a new employee's office tour and introduction to other employees. Include specific key locations, such as fax machine, copy room, and staff lounge. When creating a new hire checklist, employers identify and include items essential for a new employee's start in his new position.