What Are Some Items That Are Manufactured in the USA?

Companies such as Brooks Brothers, Lands' End, Pendleton and American Apparel manufacture all or part of their clothing offerings in the United States. Stetson, the American company that makes iconic cowboy hats also manufactures clothing in the United States, according to Consumer Reports. Other items, such as Crayola crayons and Sharpie markers, are made in the United States.

Some cookware items, such as Bunn coffeemakers, Lodge skillets, Pyrex bakeware and Sub-Zero refrigerators, are also associated with the American manufacturing industry. The iconic Louisville Slugger baseball bat and Wilson footballs are also manufactured in the USA. Shoemakers such as New Balance and Chippewa also offer products made in the USA.

It is somewhat difficult to tell which items are 100 percent manufactured in the United States because many items, such as Harley Davidson motorcycles, are labeled as "Made in the USA" when they are really assembled out of materials that are largely manufactured elsewhere, as reported by TheStreet. For example, Harley Davidson motorcycles often have components that are made in countries such as Italy, Japan and Australia. These components are put together in the United States, and there is some disagreement over whether this counts as being a truly American-made product.