What Are Some Items Listed in the UPS Uniform Catalog?


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Items in the United Postal Service uniform catalog include clothing varieties for women and men including a multitude of shirts in different colors, as well as pants and different types of caps. Many items are also only available during certain times of the year, such as holiday accessories, according to the United Postal Service index.

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Other than clothing options within the United Postal Service collection, memorabilia is a very popular and high-selling category. The collection includes items such as phone holders for the UPS vehicle to ensure safety while driving. Other vehicle safety items are tire pressure gauges and tool sets to ensure safety on the road while driving. Children's items such as plush toys, Rubik's cubes and replica UPS planes are available. Recognition items are also available for employees such as UPS bicycles, headphones and high-quality UPS pens.

The catalog offers different types of laptop carriers and briefcases for forms or papers. Different types of notebooks and journals are available depending on the amount of space and paper needed. Glassware is a very popular category in the catalog, including portable coffee mugs, drink coolies and collectible mugs. Recreational items such as golfing bags, golf balls and basketballs are available for United Postal Service employees during their leisure time.

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