What Items Are in the Kroger Grocery Store Ads?


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Kroger's sells a variety of products in its grocery store chain. These items fall under fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen food, household cleaning products and prescriptions from the pharmacy, as noted by the Kroger website. Items from these categories can be found in Kroger ads.

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Grocery store ads highlight all the deals within the following week. Kroger also creates a seasonal ad that lasts for about a month, as stated on the Kroger website. The ads allow all types of products to be found within its pages. Such items could range from fresh fruits like apples to desserts like ice cream. Clothing, such as Levi jeans and kids shoes, can be found in Kroger Marketplace ads. Barbies, Hot Wheels and other toys are available for children and kitchen accessories, like FoodSaver vacuum sealer, are available for adults.

Kroger offers deals in their ads that help consumers save money. However, to enjoy such savings, a Kroger Plus card is needed at checkout. The card is free to open and accumulates points as money is spent.

To find a Kroger ad for a specific area, go to the company's website and search for a store. The weekly ad will be linked to the store selected.

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