What Are Some Items to Include on a Receipt Form?


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Basic items to include on a receipt form are the business name and contact information, along with the date of sale, a description of each item, the cost of the items, and the total paid. "Payment Type" and warranty or return policy information can also be listed on the receipt. A person can use a template or a software to make receipts, or buy a receipt booklet.

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A receipt is a written document indicating that a valuable item has been exchanged between parties. Many customers request receipts after purchasing products. Receipts not only show ownership, but also indicate that a warranty was given to a particular person, and can also be resourceful during taxation.

Warranty information, return policy and receipt number, which indicates the number of sales, are also important features of a receipt. The name and contact of the customer should be written below "Customer Information." The proprietor should describe the product sold in the description section, including quantity and color.

In the total costs segment, the person should record all costs, including the initial costs and the tax rate, and discounts, if required. Shipping costs can also be listed in this section. Underneath the costs, it's important to put down the total costs and the total payment received. Payment may be in form of check, cash or credit, and should be recorded in "Payment Type."

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