What Are Some Items to Include on a Fall Prevention Checklist?


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Items to include on a fall prevention checklist include making sure personnel is familiar with the workplace environment, having sturdy handrails on the premises, utilizing supplemental light, keeping the work environment uncluttered and wearing proper footwear, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Keeping an area comfortable and safe has a large part to play in fall prevention.

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Ways to prevent falls include having a clear path for employees to move through, keeping items off of the floor, and making sure there aren't any wires or cords a person might accidentally trip over, as noted by Parmenter Home Care & Hospice. Any rugs in the work area should either be removed or adhered to the floor with double-sided tape in order that they don't move. Uneven and loose steps should be repaired as well.

Extra fall prevention steps should be made if a work environment has senior citizens, according to Parmenter Home Care & Hospice. Factors that commonly lead to falls in older individuals include poor sensation in the feet, the side effects of medication, problems with vision and chronic health conditions. A space should be designed in a way that meets the special needs of senior citizens.

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