What Are Some Items Home Depot Excludes From Its 10 Percent Off Coupons?

What Are Some Items Home Depot Excludes From Its 10 Percent Off Coupons?

Special orders, bid pricing, open box merchandise, labor and volume discounts are excluded from Home Depot's 10 percent guarantee coupon. It also excludes going out of business sales, installation, discontinued merchandise, seasonal items and clearance products.

Home Depot offers a 10 percent guarantee coupon in stores. This coupon relates to the company's policy that no one can beat its prices. If customers find a current lower price on an identical item in another store, the coupon goes into effect. Home Depot matches the price and adds an additional 10 percent discount.

The policy does include exclusions. The item at the competing store must be in-stock for Home Depot to price match. Online orders are only eligible for price matching, not the additional 10 percent discount. Likewise, the deal is not available for rebate and free offers or typographical errors. The discount also doesn't get applied to sales tax.

Another exclusion to the 10 percent coupon is distressed or damaged merchandise being sold at a discount. The policy only applies to competitors' regular retail prices.

As of 2015, Home Depot offers a daily discount to military personnel with valid identification. The maximum discount is $500, but it applies to active duty or retired military personnel, reservists, and immediate family members.