What Are Some Items in a Donation Valuation Guide?


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A donation valuation guide lists fair market values for donated items such as clothing, appliances, furniture, household goods and sporting goods, states the Salvation Army. It provides ranges of low- to high-dollar values for items in good condition.

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Some high-valued items on the Salvation Army list are furniture sets such as complete bedroom and dining room sets with value ranges from $250 to $1000 and $150 to $900 respectively, as of June 2015. Individual pieces of furniture are also valuable. A sleeper sofa with mattress or a china cabinet is valued from $85 to $300, and a regular sofa has a value from $35 to $200, notes Salvation Army.

Appliances such as a working refrigerator or a color television range from $75 to more than $200 each. An electric stove or washing machine is valued from $40 to $150, states the Salvation Army. A computer system ranges from $100 to $400, a riding mover from $100 to $300, and a copier from $40 to $200.

Items with very small values are also on the list. Small items of clothing, such as socks ranging from 50 cents to $1.25, do have value when donated. A bra is valued from $1 to $3, and a glass or a cup from 50 cents to &1.50, according to the Salvation Army list in June 2015.

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