What Are Some Items You Can Pay for Using a Flex Spending Account?


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Healthcare consumers can use their flexible spending accounts to pay for visit copays, health services counted towards insurance deductibles, medical supplies, medical devices and long-term care expenses. Some lesser-known items that are eligible include Christian Science practitioners' fees for medical care, breast pumps, the cost of hand controls in a car for a person whose disability requires them, costs related to guide dogs and other service animals, and lead-based paint removal.

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A deductible is the amount that an insured person must pay before the insurance company begins covering eligible medical and dental expenses. Consumers can use their flexible spending accounts for any expense that insurance covers but applies to a deductible. Copays are the patient's portion of a provider's bill, such as the first $25 of an office visit or the first $100 of an emergency department visit.

Medical supplies include items such as bandages, blood sugar test strips and oxygen. Some eligible medical devices are wheelchairs, blood pressure equipment and hearing aids.

Long-term care expenses are eligible for people whose chronic illness prevents them from carrying out at least two activities of daily living, such as eating and dressing. Some eligible services are personal care, treatment and rehabilitation. Nursing home costs that are for medical care are also eligible expenses. If the patient is there for medical services, the costs of lodging and meals at the nursing home are also eligible.

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