What Are the Items That You Can Claim Using Verizon Reward Points?


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Verizon Smart Reward points are redeemable for items that fall into various categories namely: sweepstakes, auctions, daily deals, local deals, gift cards, merchandise and travel. The points can be used to purchase items, gain access to exclusive competitions or save on certain purchases

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The Smart Rewards program was initially available in a few states such as Ohio, Oklahoma, Northern Mississippi and Oregon. The program was rolled out nationally on July 24, 2014. Subscribers need to register for the point system in order to benefit from it. Registration is free but some members may be required to enroll in Verizon select before joining Verizon Smart Rewards. Subscribers begin accumulating points from the moment of registration. Some points are earned only once and others are earned a number of times.

Points are earned each time the member performs certain actions on the Verizon account and each time the bill is paid. Members can also get rewarded for referring a friend, managing their account online and buying certain services. The points do not have a set monetary value; however, members get charged the lowest available price by the participating vendors. Members also enjoy the lowest price available. If not, the points spent are returned to the member and the member gets the difference paid back to them.

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