What Items Are Available for Sale Through Sears' Scratch-and-Dent Warehouses?

The Sears company operates a network of physical and online outlets that sell products with minor or cosmetic damage, such as scratches and dents, that cover products such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, washing machines and televisions. Not all items sold through the outlets have damage, though some may list specific defects on online listings or physical product tags, as of 2015.

Appliances make up a large portion of the inventory at Sears Outlet stores, as they are often prone to cosmetic damage during the shipping process into stores. SearsOutlet.com offers multiple product category listings in its main navigation bar, with several focusing on popular home appliance types. Each section includes multiple subcategories for specific types of products, such as top-loading washing machines under the Washers & Dryers category or ranges under the Cooking Appliances section. The site also offers listings for consumer electronics, such as laptops or cameras, along with fitness equipment, furniture and tools.

Each product category section on the site includes filtering options to narrow results, with the first section focusing on the condition of the products. Though the site does not offer a specific section for items with scratches or dents, it does allow users to view items with a "Like New" condition, which typically consists of cosmetic issues.