What Are Some ISO Standards?


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ISO standards include various sets of guidelines and instructional practices that cover processes such as quality assurance, environmental management, emergency service management, country codes and occupational safety. The organization regularly updates these standards to reflect new trends in each industry and to improve the clarity and organization of concepts and goals.

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ISO publishes its collections of standards with the intent of creating uniform systems by which different organizations and entities may complete processes and implement specific practices, as well as centralize information on international matters. Each grouping of standards focuses on a different area, with many including multiple sections that address areas of that field or the process. For example, ISO 9000 is the family of standards that refers to quality assurance management, which is the process through which a company ensures the highest standards of excellence for its products. This family consists of sections such as ISO 9001, which defines the aspects necessary to create such a system, as well as others that focus on implementation and internal review.

The organization also creates single standards regarding a general practice for completing a specific action, such as ISO 3166, which handles country codes. The standard explains the process for creating a two-letter code for every country in existence, along with additional instructions on making codes for regions within countries. Additionally, the standard serves as a central database for all country codes and acts as a universal reference on the matter.

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