What Is ISO Certification?


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ISO certification guarantees that a manufacturing process, system of management or documentation process meets or exceeds all of the requirements pertaining to standardization and quality assurance. This certification is issued by the International Organization for Standardization.

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ISO began operating in 1947 and has since published over 19,500 International Standards that cover a wide range of industries as well as almost all aspects of manufacturing and technology. It is an independent organization consisting of 165 member countries that make up the national standards for certification bodies around the world. It works on the premise that consistent quality standards are important to the facilitation of international trade. While the ISO develops the International Standards, they do not enforce regulations, and the certification process is managed by external organizations.

The majority of ISO standards can be applied to only a specific process or product, although standards for generic management systems do exist that can be applied to many different organizations. While obtaining an ISO certification can often be a valuable asset for businesses that seek to demonstrate the quality of their product or service, there are some industries or which certification is a contractual or legal requirement. Certification for either ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 involves a series of internal and external audits to ensure all requirements are being met.

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