What Is the IRS Refund Schedule?

The IRS refund schedule is a chart based on the deposit cycle of previous years that gives taxpayers a general idea of when to expect their tax refunds after tax returns have been filed and received, The Military Wallet explains. These charts are geared towards those who e-file their tax return, as paper returns take longer to process.

To read the refund charge, look in the left-hand column for the date the return was accepted, The Military Wallet explains. The middle or right column provides the dates the refund should be returned to the taxpayer, either by paper check or by electronic deposit.

To obtain a more accurate date of when a refund is to be returned, taxpayers can go to the IRS website and utilize the Where's My Refund option, the IRS explains. Taxpayers need to provide their Social Security number, filing status and the exact amount of their anticipated refund in order to access their information. The IRS updates the Where's My Refund tool approximately 24 hours after the tax return has been received, and the website is updated once per day. Taxpayers can expect to receive their refund approximately 21 days after a tax return has been electronically filed.