Does the IRS Have a Printable 1096 Form?

The Internal Revenue Service requires that tax-exempt organizations complete and file the official version of Form 1096 printed by the IRS. This form, titled the Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns, cannot be downloaded or printed directly from, other than for informational purposes, states the IRS.

To obtain a fileable copy of Form 1096 for the current or prior years, call 800-829-3676, as of 2015. The form can also be ordered online at From the home page, go to the Forms and Publications page. Click on Order Forms & Pubs. Click on Employer and Information Returns. Complete the order form, and follow the checkout instructions.

The form's instructions provide information on when and where to file this tax document, as well as other tax forms that may be required when submitting Form 1096, according to the IRS.