Is the IRS E-File Refund Chart Only for Individuals or Can Businesses Use It Too?


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The IRS no longer produces a refund chart for individuals or businesses, so neither individuals nor businesses can use it, as it no longer exists. This chart has not been officially published since 2011, though third party companies can create unofficial, estimated refund charts for individuals based on previous years.

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The IRS states that as of the 2015 tax season, most individuals receive a refund within 21 business days of electronically filing a tax return. This general guideline does not apply to businesses or paper tax return filings. There are no published business refund guidelines from the IRS, and business refunds cannot be tracked with the online tools provided by the IRS. Instead, businesses must contact the IRS via telephone or consult with their tax professionals.

Business returns, state returns, incomplete or amended returns, tax returns with errors, returns associated with identity theft or fraud or returns with injured spouse withholdings are all subject to wait times longer than 21 days. Taxpayers with these returns may contact the IRS 21 days after calendar filing to check the status of these returns. Certain other return types, such as those with foreign income withholdings, may take up to 6 months from the date of filing to process.

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