What Is the IRS Deposit Calendar?

The IRS does not support a deposit calendar for tax refunds but instead sponsors the Where's My Refund portal for tax filers to check the status of deposits, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Tax filers can also check the status of refunds by using the IRS mobile application, which can be downloaded as of 2015.

Most tax refunds are issued within 21 days after filing, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The mobile application and online portal for checking refunds are the most accurate methods for tax filers to determine a deposit date. The online tools are updated within 24 hours after an individual files electronic taxes or approximately four weeks after a paper tax return is mailed. The system provides a personalized date of deposit for the tax filer once the tax return is processed and the return is approved. The Where's My Refund portal and mobile application are updated daily by the IRS.

Individuals seeking deposit dates should refer to the online systems before calling the IRS directly, recommends the Internal Revenue Service. Employees of the IRS may not have access to tax information or the status of a refund deposit until six weeks after a paper return was mailed or 21 days after an electronic tax return is approved.