What Is Involved in Starting a Restaurant Business?


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The process for starting a restaurant business involves conducting research to determine the basic concept and service style for the establishment, creating a business plan that includes a growth strategy, and hiring key positions such as a head chef. It also involves creating a cohesive concept for the restaurant, making a menu, designing the location, and registering with the appropriate county departments.

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Starting a restaurant begins with research into the current needs of customers in the area as well as the potential competition, as this helps determine the food type and dining style for the business. Owners also need to decide on the concept for the restaurant and its ideal clientele, such as a fast food diner that caters to teens or an upscale tapas bar that focuses on professional adults. The owner should then use this information to craft a business plan, which outlines the specific goals of the restaurant, its plans for growing business over time and a full analysis of its major competition.

Next, the business owner needs to find a location for the restaurant and secure starting capital to cover initial expenses, such as through investors or a loan. She also needs to hire a head chef, who she must work with to develop the restaurant's menu. After finalizing the food and securing suppliers, she must register the business with the county tax board and obtain approval from the health department.

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