What Is Involved in the Settlement of Auto Insurance Claims?


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An auto insurance claim settlement involves communicating with a claims professional hired by the claimant's insurance provider to discuss the claimant's insurance coverage, the nature of the claim and an evaluation of the claim, including an inspection of the claimant's vehicle and evidence of any injuries, reports DMV.org. The claims professional may offer an initial payment. The insurance company provides appropriate compensation to the claimant after the claims professional reviews all evidence thoroughly.

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Making an auto insurance claim requires determining a reasonable claim amount that covers all costs involved in an accident, including car repair bills, medical expenses or lost wages due to the claimant's inability to go to work, states CarsDirect. After investigating the situation, the claimant's insurer may offer an amount of money to settle the claim or reject part or all of the claim.

The claimant then accepts the settlement or declines the offer and requests a re-evaluation of the claim, which requires submitting a new claims form, notes CarsDirect. If the insurance provider rejects the entire claim, the claimant may appeal to an adjudicator or the small claims court if he has strong evidence supporting his claim.

A car insurance settlement usually takes up to two weeks if the claimant is not at fault, according to CarsDirect. Other types of claims last longer, especially if the other driver does not have insurance or did not provide insurance information.

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