What Is Involved in Defense Contractor Training?


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Training for a career as a private military or defense contractor involves a series of courses to develop physical fitness and endurance and gain familiarity of different combat styles, including armed and unarmed variants. It also includes tactical instruction to deal with different hostile situations and classes on how to function in a combat unit and follow the orders of a commanding officer.

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Private military contractor training involves multiple courses that focus on improving the physical and mental acuity of the applicant, starting with a general fitness analysis to determine starting abilities and detect any pre-existing conditions. Depending on the company, physical training may include different cardiovascular and weight training courses to help the applicant lose weight, build muscle, and function more efficiently in difficult terrain and combat zones. After basic training, passing applicants typically begin specialized training sessions that focus on developing relevant combat skills, which frequently include the use of different firearms.

The skill training may also include hand-to-hand combat instruction, with each organization focusing on different disciplines. Some companies may offer advanced training in weapon specializations, such as sharp shooting or demolitions. The courses also frequently include tactical training that teaches applicants about threat assessment, common combat tactics and how to function in a combat zone. These courses can also focus on teaching combat communication, such as the use of hand signals, and how to use different types of technology common in the field.

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