What Is Involved in Becoming a Successful Movie Star?


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Steps involved in becoming a successful movie star are moving to Los Angeles, getting any job whatsoever within the film industry, and taking any roles offered in the beginning of an acting career. Other moves that can help one become a successful movie star are winning a beauty contest and appearing on the cover of a magazine.

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Relocating to Los Angeles is a crucial move for those hoping to become successful movie stars, as this is where the majority of films are made. Since so many films shoot in Los Angeles every day, there are always directors in need of extras, and often one can volunteer to appear as an extra for free. This is good for building up a resume and also for gaining film experience and exposure.

Besides appearing as an extra, getting any type of job in the film industry is ideal for those looking to make it big in Hollywood, as this can lead to connections and opportunities that can result in eventual stardom. Many famous movie stars started out as non-actors on film sets, including John Wayne, who was originally a studio prop man, and Gary Cooper, who was a stuntman.

Another tip for becoming a movie star is to take any film role offered before becoming well-known. The reasoning behind this is that if the movie flops, there is nothing to lose and no reputation to potentially be ruined, but if the film is a success, there is a good chance of receiving positive attention as well as other acting opportunities.

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