What Is Involved in Auto Insurance Adjuster Training?


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Auto insurance adjuster training provides instruction on how to distinguish different types of damages when appraising a vehicle for insurance purposes. Trainees are given instruction on how to make repair estimates, negotiate rates and issue insurance payments to consumers. Courses also cover all aspects of the insurance claim process as well as how to use adjuster tools and mathematical models to calculate settlements.

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Training to become an auto insurance adjuster normally involves learning how to detect and assess various vehicle damages caused by direct collision, weather or miscellaneous mishaps. Students may have the opportunity to study the interior and exterior workings of the automobile and learn how cars are repaired. Training also focuses on helping prospective adjusters use tools of the trade to diagnose vehicle problems. Understanding auto body repair terminology and technology are part of some programs. Instruction also includes education about insurance contracts and filing insurance reports. Students should expect to learn various investigative techniques used to gather evidence for a report. Some programs might touch upon the legal aspects of insurance.

Auto insurance adjuster training is taught as a series of online courses, and individuals can also apply for entry-level adjuster job training at a private insurance company. Insurance companies may require those accepted into the program to attend classes in person.

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