What Investment Services Does Primerica Offer?


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Primerica offers investment services in the form of mutual funds, managed accounts, annuities and business retirement plans, states the company website. It accepts clients that have portfolios of less than $100,000 or $200,000, even though many financial companies only deal with wealthier clients and also offers financial needs analysis for people who need help with debt solutions, retirement income or education funding.

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Money managers are in charge of mutual funds, which are investment vehicles consisting of the funds of several investors, notes Investopedia. The goal of each mutual fund is to produce financial gains by investing in stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets.

Investment professionals hand-pick securities and actively manage the portfolio of a managed account. Primerica, in association with Lockwood Advisors, offers Primerica Advisors Freedom Portfolios. Mutual funds from investment companies such as Legg Mason, BlackRock and JP Morgan Asset Management form the basis of these managed accounts, notes Primerica. Investing in Primerica's mutual funds requires a minimum of $50 every month.

Annuities allow individuals to put money into an investment account, tax-deferred, which pays out close to the retirement age. Payouts are usually spread out to provide continuous cash flow, according to Investopedia. Fixed annuities come with regular payments of a preagreed amount, while variable annuities may have greater payouts if the annuity's investments perform well.

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