What Investment Products Does TD Waterhouse Canada Offer?


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TD Waterhouse Canada offers a wide range of investment products, including Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), mutual funds, bonds, money market accounts and precious metals. Most of these products can be either held in standard accounts or included in tax-advantaged registered savings plans, according to TD Canada Trust.

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Guaranteed Investment Certificates offer fixed returns over a specified period and guarantee the initial investment amount, TD Canada says. TD Canada offers its own line of mutual funds, which package a broad portfolio of investment assets into one product. TD mutual funds are available individually or in Comfort Portfolios, a TD product that reduces overall investment risk by including a wider array of asset classes in a single product and by keeping the portfolio balanced through active management, according to TD Canada's website.

The company also offers savings bonds, money market accounts and precious metals investing. Investors with TD Canada can take advantage of several types of tax-advantaged registered saving plans (RSPs), including plans for retirement, education or disability savings. RSPs have certain restrictions on contributions, withdrawals and age limits, but they have strong tax benefits that can save you money on taxes now and provide years of unencumbered investment growth, TD states.

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