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Originally chartered in 1876 as the Farmers & Merchants Bank and later named the Bank of Wichita, INTRUST Bank stands as the oldest continuously operational Wichita bank. In 1900, Missouri native C.Q. Chandler II took the helm of this Kansas bank, helping to transform it into a leading name in banking within the state and providing industrial grants that helped grow the economy of both Kansas and Oklahoma.

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Understanding that the bank's health connected intimately with the health of its location and customers, Chandler set values for INTRUST Bank that didn't sacrifice principles for profit while he looked toward fulfilling previously unmet needs within the local communities the bank serviced. With this in mind, the bank aggressively supported cattle ranchers who employed many and brought large amounts of revenue to the state. This sort of progressiveness led the banker owning the first automobile in Wichita, opening the first orthopedic clinic, and bringing southwest Kansas its first telephone service.

In the years following Chandler's son, Charles J. Chandler, took over the reins, earning his own stripes by bringing the first drive-in bank to Wichita in 1952 and automating many of the banks services in the '60s. A third generation of Chandlers took the helm in 1971 with the appointment of C.Q. "Chuck" Chandler III, who still helms the bank as of 2015.

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