Why Do Interviewers Ask "why Do You Want to Work Here"?


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An interviewer asks why an interviewee wants to work at the organization so that he can determine if the interviewee has the company's interest in mind. He uses this question to disqualify any interviewee who has not done research on the company and is simply applying because there is a job opening. An interviewee's answer to this question should demonstrate his enthusiasm in being a part of the company.

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An interviewer is not looking for a general answer that applies to any other company. Good answers to this question include demonstrating that one is attracted to the company because of the reputation of its key leaders or its management philosophy. Such an answer may be based on a recent news article or industry awards won by the company, which the interviewee should mention.

An interviewee should demonstrate his enthusiasm to work for the company by citing a personal reason why the company appeals to him as a professional. This reason should be a unique value that the company upholds, which sets it apart within its industry; it may be something such as constant innovation or going green. It typically helps if the interviewee speaks favorably about the company or its leaders.

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