How Do You Interview Someone for a Job?

How Do You Interview Someone for a Job?

In order to interview someone for a job, set goals, research applicants, prepare questions, create an interview structure and meet applicants in person, if possible. During the interview, interviewers should take notes and observe applicants' nonverbal signals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The foundation for a good job interview is having solid goals. Interviewers should know exactly what kind of person they want to hire before the applicants walk in the door. Interviewers may want to create a written list of desired attributes so that they can easily make up questions and evaluate applicants. It can help to research applicants beforehand in order to gain insightful information.

Questions are an important part of job interviews. There are four general kinds of questions that interviewers can ask, according to Behavioral questions usually provide the most useful information. These are questions that lead to examples of the applicant's skills and behaviors. Fact-based questions are designed to obtain strict facts from the applicant and are usually asked to confirm resume details. Situational questions ask what an applicant would do in a specific situation. Stress questions are tough questions that intentionally cause the applicants a bit of stress. They can be helpful for assessing how the applicants react under pressure; however, they may cause the line of communication to break down.

Interview structure is a very important part of the planning process. Interviewers should plan a structure and environment that makes applicants feel comfortable. Most interviews involve a brief introduction with general fact-based questions, followed by some tougher behavioral questions. The interviewer can conclude the interview by allowing the applicant to pose her own questions.

During the interview, the interviewer should take note of everything the applicant says and does, including non-verbal communication signals.