What Are Some Interview Questions for a Secretary?

When interviewing for a secretarial job, a person can expect questions such as "Tell us about yourself," "What is your greatest weakness?," "How do you manage your manager's work schedule?," and "What kind of software are you proficient in?" Depending on the industry, such as law or health care, the questions might be quite specific.

An interview is the best chance a person has to sell him or herself to a prospective employer. The old adage, "practice makes perfect," holds true. Do a trial run of the interview with a friend or family member, practicing possible questions and appropriate answers.

An icebreaker interview question might simply be "Tell us about yourself." Rather than giving a synopsis of a resume, the interviewee should talk about the strengths he or she will bring to the position. One of the old standby questions is the famous "What is your greatest weakness?" A question of this nature is almost a guarantee, so it is important to practice one's answer prior to the interview. The best way to answer is to put a positive spin on something negative. For example, if someone is uncomfortable with public speaking, talk about what was done to overcome it.

A person can always expect questions about how he or she has handled specific situations in the past, such as managing a manager's work schedule, or the software programs he or she is proficient in. Be up front and honest, and give concrete examples whenever possible.