What Are Some Interview Questions for a Restaurant Server?


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Because of the requirement for constant interaction with customers, interview questions for a restaurant server need to revolve around how she deals with the public. Questions on irate customers, how to make a customer feel welcome and her feelings on the theory that the customer is always right are appropriate.

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A server needs to know everything about the menu so she can relay the information to the customer. Asking the interviewee what her favorite dish consists of or how she would explain the day's specials to a diner reveal her experience on the subject. Questions revolving around food preparation techniques are great ways to find out a potential server's comfort level with different cooking methods. Familiarity with those methods comes in handy when trying to explain a particular dish to a customer.

Dependability and integrity are also important qualities in a good restaurant server. Asking how many times a potential server was late to her last job or what she would do if she saw another employee stealing can reveal a lot about her character.

Asking a server why she wants to work in a particular restaurant can show if she's just applying everywhere or really loves the food. A loyal diner who is already sold on a restaurant can turn into a server who is good at increasing sales by recommending favorite appetizers and desserts.

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