What Are Some Interview Questions for Janitors?


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Janitorial interview questions need to focus on the important qualities that make a good janitor. In addition, the questions should ask applicants about their preferred working hours, their willingness to work with others and their response to certain work scenarios.

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When screening for janitors or custodians, ask the applicants about their level of expertise on repair and cleaning duties. Determine if they have the required interpersonal skills to harmoniously work with supervisors and other janitors. Determine if they're strong and resilient enough to work full time with responsibilities such as operating cleaning equipment and carrying trash bags and other heavy objects. Upon request, candidates may also provide certifications to prove their proficiency on janitorial duties.

Other janitorial interview questions are designed to measure the level of commitment and trust of candidates. Janitors must not hesitate to clean vomit, scrub dirty toilets and undertake other unpleasant tasks in order to uphold public health and safety. Janitors must be trustworthy enough to clean rooms with sensitive information, such as records offices and school archives.

Similar to other job interviews, interviewers must also ask janitorial candidates general interview questions. These include asking candidates about their weaknesses and strengths, where they see themselves in the future, their views on success and failures and how they cope with stress and pressure.

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