What Are Some Interview Questions for a Counseling Position?

Common interview questions for a counseling position focus on why the candidate is seeking the position, how much experience the candidate has in the field and what the candidate plans to accomplish as a counselor. Questions about personality traits, leadership skills and sensitivity toward patients may also be explored.

Many employers ask specific questions related to the type of counseling the candidate is required to perform within the position. For example, school counselors may be asked questions such as "What do you see as the main role of a school counselor?" or "What do you think the role of the school counselor is in preventing school violence?" Counselors in the social work field may be asked questions such as "Are you an active listener?" or "How are you able to engage clients?"

Interview questions may also inquire about education and internship experience, experiences with previous clients or students and personal accomplishments related to the position. Employers may also ask questions such as "What kinds of problems do you like to handle?" or "What do you think is going to happen in the field in the next five years?" Candidates should be prepared to provide example of strengths and weaknesses related to their counseling experience.